Over 50 Fit and Fabulous

Feel, Move and Look Fabulous over 50

Our Mission

I inspire women age 50+ to feel, move and look better using personal training, group exercise classes, making better food choices and looking fabulous with Avon.

What do we do?

Hello, my name is Sandra Lake of LIFE Health, Wellness, Fitness; the fitness company specialising in health awareness for adults who need motivation and help with diet and exercise.

I inspire women aged 50 plus re-gain their confidence, lose weight and learn what to eat to keep the weight off.

I specialise in working with people who have specific lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure learn what to eat and which exercises can be done safely to manage their condition.

What you get

As a result of working with me my clients get:

  • full accountability
  • increased fitness
  • increased confidence
  • learn exactly what to eat to lose weight and feel better about themselves

A bit of background

After working in the medical field as a biomedical scientist for many years and witnessing first hand the changes taking place in the health care system, I decided it was time for a change of career. I embarked on a personal training diploma where I found a good balance between my medical knowledge and knowledge needed for the fitness industry ~ they went hand-in-hand.

Specialising in working with people with diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, I will help you integrate physical activity into your lifestyle so you can reduce medication dependency, maintain independence for longer and improve your quality of life. Working with you will better help you understand how to manage and work with your condition to improve your overall, health, wellness and fitness.

Many people will seek out a personal trainer to help them lose weight, build muscle or tone up; often they want to change their shape and get fitter.

At LIFE we look at your specific goals then help you with professional guidance and knowledge achieve them. You will start to see and feel results within a few sessions and you will certainly feel more energised.